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  • Illinois Cornfields under snow
    Various photos taken from commercial flights - March 2004 to date

Laval - Jour overture

  • Cremazie wall
    On April 28 2007, STM opened the long-awaited extension of the Orange Line from Henri Bourassa to Montmorency with three new stations, all in Laval. As much of a transportation geek as I am, I had never been on the opening day of a new train line. These are my photos from a trip that day, while carrying the 6 month old Giraffe in his backpack.

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16 November 2006



Having never had or looked after a child I don't claim to be particularly qualifed on the breast milk/formula debate, but a couple of observations:

- if formula is a means of torturing babies, then there are a lot of entirely healthy adults around who were tortured as babies. I think the breast lobby have happily used the outcry about the promotion of formula milk in regions where there isn't clean water to make it up and hence it is unsafe, to try and create more discomfort around parents using formula milk anywhere.

- a friend who chose not to breast feed (despite guilt-tripping from assorted medical professionals) took huge pleasure at the point in her baby's first year when all the breast-fed babies had to be given a supplement that the formula babies didn't need (because it was already in formula). She conciously decided to be guilt free at that point...

I'm sure breast feeding is great for the 1 in 1,000 who find it easy, natural and something resembling a 1980's Athena poster. But that doesn't mean it's right for everyone in a time when options exist.

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