From the Sky

  • Illinois Cornfields under snow
    Various photos taken from commercial flights - March 2004 to date

Laval - Jour overture

  • Cremazie wall
    On April 28 2007, STM opened the long-awaited extension of the Orange Line from Henri Bourassa to Montmorency with three new stations, all in Laval. As much of a transportation geek as I am, I had never been on the opening day of a new train line. These are my photos from a trip that day, while carrying the 6 month old Giraffe in his backpack.

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26 September 2006



Oooh. All very exciting - I'm sure you'll be delighted to know lots of friends in London are excited about my impending aunt-dom so good thoughts are being sent to you even from people you haven't met!


I remember when we got a box of 400 baby wipes as a shower gift. I thought they'd last forever. They lasted about 2.5 weeks. We had (and still have) a very poopy baby, and we seem to buy a new box about every 2 weeks or so.

Now I have to admit I started using them when the airlines put the no-liquids policy into place.

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