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  • Illinois Cornfields under snow
    Various photos taken from commercial flights - March 2004 to date

Laval - Jour overture

  • Cremazie wall
    On April 28 2007, STM opened the long-awaited extension of the Orange Line from Henri Bourassa to Montmorency with three new stations, all in Laval. As much of a transportation geek as I am, I had never been on the opening day of a new train line. These are my photos from a trip that day, while carrying the 6 month old Giraffe in his backpack.

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10 August 2006



Yeah, if you want a high strung, neurotic and not so bright pet. I am an old-school dog lover but a rescue greyhound? Not so much...


If you're thinking of getting a dog please do consider a rescue greyhound. The aforementioned Junior is our pet. As with all greyhounds, he's not the brightest (after all, they are bred for their ability to chase a bit of fur attached to a metal arm...), but he isn't at all high strung or neurotic.

Junior is a gentle, easy-going, pretty lazy dog. He's entirely relaxed with meeting new people and other dogs and is generally a joy to have around. He doesn't really play games, he's a bit rubbish with commands and we're not expecting to see him doing any clever tricks, however, that slightly limited mental capacity does mean that he doesn't get bored easily and hence can stay home alone for a few hours without being at all destructive.

As with all rescue dogs, you should adopt through a good organisation who will be honest with you about the dogs you are looking at. As much as with any other breeds in rescue, I'm sure there are greyhounds with 'problems' who'd be a whole lot harder to look after. I'm also sure there are 100's of other lazy old ex-racers out there just looking for a comfy bed and a little bit of love and attention!

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