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  • Illinois Cornfields under snow
    Various photos taken from commercial flights - March 2004 to date

Laval - Jour overture

  • Cremazie wall
    On April 28 2007, STM opened the long-awaited extension of the Orange Line from Henri Bourassa to Montmorency with three new stations, all in Laval. As much of a transportation geek as I am, I had never been on the opening day of a new train line. These are my photos from a trip that day, while carrying the 6 month old Giraffe in his backpack.

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09 May 2006


Katharine Lee

You have numerous talents-like being able to read, have a phone conversation, and watch television without getting confused or forgeting one detail. Also, thanks for cleaning out the kitty litter box!


How can you not like avocado? That's just wrong... And how did I not know? Did you decide that post 18? Or was I not observant enough?

Hey ho! And thanks for sharing the Junior pics with the world - he's doing fine if anyone's interested.


Kathy - you are too kind, which is another reason I married you.

Rebecca - do you not remember family supper appetizers - avocado for three and grapefruit for me - that was the trigger for you. I used to not eat chicory either at that stage but now I like that - I had a hard time remembering a vegetable I didn't eat.


Avodado is a fruit, not a vegetable (and delicious) - so you'll have to come up with an alternative. Hope you are both well - baby stuff sounds exciting!

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