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  • Illinois Cornfields under snow
    Various photos taken from commercial flights - March 2004 to date

Laval - Jour overture

  • Cremazie wall
    On April 28 2007, STM opened the long-awaited extension of the Orange Line from Henri Bourassa to Montmorency with three new stations, all in Laval. As much of a transportation geek as I am, I had never been on the opening day of a new train line. These are my photos from a trip that day, while carrying the 6 month old Giraffe in his backpack.

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21 August 2005


That polite English man

Would that be the 18 hours of darkness per day? Really, we can barely see the car let alone spot the probable parking pass type thingie...


It's an I-Pass!!!!

But doesn't Quebec have front license plates?

Scott R.

I saw the I-Pass too! And it's funny -- I still have mine on *my* Focus way out here in Palo Alto.

Urban Wanderer

Very good - I knew it wasn't too hard - the I-Pass is correct. No, Quebec does not require front license plates so when you register the vehicle you only get one plate. The car will next feature when I get to take it for service and discover the quality of Ford dealers in Quebec.

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